Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day - Don't Be Lazy Big Spender

Today is Valentine's Day.  Florists, confectioners, and gift companies make millions of dollars on this day - all in the name of love.  And you know what?  I hate it. 

I know most people who don't like Valentine's Day are single people.  I used to be that single person who hated Valentine's Day and swore the only reason it existed was so people in relationships could rub it in the face of single people, but now I am married to one of the most caring, understanding men I have ever met.  And guess what...I still don't like Valentine's Day.  Want to know why?  If you don't, then go away.  Otherwise, read on!  hehe.

Now, let me begin by saying I fully support the idea behind Valentine's Day as a day to celebrate love, but the intentions are not always so good now.  I could say the main reason I don't like Valentine's Day is because of what corporate America has done to the holiday.  What was once a celebration of love is now an excuse for retailers to try and steal our wallets and pummel us with what they think Valentine's Day should look like - filled with expensive jewelry and chocolate. 

Like I said, I could say that was the main reason I don't like today.  But my dislike goes to a more emotional level.  Blame it on the Pisces in me.  My great dislike for this day actually goes to the celebration of love and relationships. Yes, yes.  I can hear you now.  "But Alicia, you just said you fully support the idea behind Valentine's Day as a day to celebrate love."  That is correct, I do.  However, this day has made us lazy.  Now that there is an "official" day to show you love someone, we seem to forget we should show we care all year long. 

We all do the obligatory "I love you" as we walk out the door for work or errands or whatever, but how often do you stop and really say it like you mean it?  How often do you look the person in the eye and say it the way you really feel it?  How often do you buy your significant other a card that says you care?  How often do you bring them even a single flower?  And how many women believe that it is all the responsibility of the man to do this stuff?  Guess what girls.  You Are WRONG!!  That's right, guys like to know you really care too.  Sure, a card or flower might seem cheesy to give to a guy, but if you do it in private, even the "manliest" man will appreciate the intention behind it.

And while we are going down this path, there is one more thing.  Who the hell said that showing you cared required spending money?  Does the guy who gives a $500 necklace really love his woman more than the guy who just makes breakfast in bed or prepares a nice home-cooked dinner by candlelight because that is all they can afford?  Hell no.  In fact, I think that says way more than some damn necklace.  Something that has some thought put into it that you couldn't just pick up at the store on the way home is much nicer. 

So what did we learn today?

Valentine's Day shouldn't be a once a year deal.  Show how much you care all throughout the year. 
You don't have to spend money to say I love you and make your significant other feel all warm and fuzzy.
Girls - It's not all about you!  Guys need to know you care too!  Pull the stick out of your ass.

And to my Valentine, my family, and my friends, I love you with every fiber of my being.  Thank you for being mine.