Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nothing Says Sexy Like a Speedo and Roller Skates

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to spend the day seeing the city (San Francisco).  We are in Oakland so it isn't like it is a long trip for us.  The day started innocent enough.  We went to his office since I still hadn't seen it yet and ended up having lunch with one of his co-workers at the Westfield Mall.  Nice guy.

After lunch, the plan was to kind of wind our way down to Fisherman's Wharf and find this clam chowder place I have fond memories of.  The weather was beautiful even with the wind blowing through the city.  Along the way, we found this beautiful little park!

Naturally, we had to take some time in this little piece of serenity found in the city.

Can you tell who my hubby wanted to focus on?

After we got done playing fancy photographer, we found our way to the start of the Wharf.  This is where we got a lesson in sexiness.  We are innocently walking along, complaining about how the clouds are starting to roll in and the wind is getting chilly when something catches my eye.  As this man exited the crowd, I regretted noticing his presence for he was on roller skates, which in and by itself is no big deal, but when you combine it with the wardrobe choice he made, it should be punishable by at least 10 lashes.  While speeding down the wharf in his old-school, 4-wheeled roller skates, this man chose to wear nothing but a Speedo.  His only saving grace was that it was a square-bottomed Speedo and he obviously did weight-lifting.  The guy was ripped, but he was so buff that it didn't even look good.  His pecs were so big that it looked like someone implanted half a basketball on each side of his chest.  So, imagine this if you will.  A man with muscles unnaturally large, making a kind of deformed look:

wearing these:

and these:

Yea baby.  Now that's what I call sexy.