Friday, February 4, 2011


Every now and then, something happens that reminds you exactly how blessed you are.  The last week has been such a moment for me.  See, I live in Arizona.  Wonderful, warm, dry Arizona where my joints don't ache as often and my depressions are fewer in between.  However, the last week, we have experienced record low temperatures and freaking freezing winds...literally.  The lows for the last two nights were 18 degrees and 15 degrees (depending on what part of Tucson you live in).  Windchill hovered close to 0 degrees.  Well, Tucson just isn't used to this so it seems like every building has a busted water pipe or two.  Businesses have been closed due to lack of water and tens of thousands of people no longer have heat because of a natural gas shortage.

And yet I still consider myself blessed.  Why?  First, because I have a home that I can hide from the cold in.  Second, I am not one of the tens of thousands without heat.  Third, I am not one of the many with busted water pipes.  Fourth, my bed is oh so warm.  Fifth, my rheumatoid is only just now starting to scream at me (I expected it days ago).  And last but certainly not least, I won't be digging out of snow and ice for the next two weeks like the rest of the nation.  Bwahahahaha!  :P

Please know that even though I count my blessings, I pray for all those who don't have food, shelter, heat, etc., and I pray that all those who have to deal with the snow and ice stay safe and warm.