Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seize the Weeny!

Ok, how many of you actually remember the names of all the games you played as a child?  How many of you made up games as a child?  How many of those games were slightly inappropriate?  Methinks The Bloggess is on to something in her most recent post...or on or the other.  As always though, her commentors make the situation just that much more hilarious.

Seriously though, who actually played a game called "Steal the Bacon" as a child?  As I child, I would have interpreted that as stealing my mom's ATM card.  It was bad enough when she responded to our request for money one day with "Do I look like an ATM?" and we poked her five times and put out our hand for cash.  She definitely would have lost it had we truly decided to "steal the bacon."

So don't let conformists hold you back Jenny!  I think your final answer is totally on track and iHop needs to make their children's menus more age appropriate.  Seize the weeny, Jenny.  SEIZE THE WEENY!