Thursday, July 28, 2011

What world or life altering events are happening today?

A sadness pervades my being today.  It's not so much that I feel sad, but more like the sadness you feel when you see a funeral procession going by or you hear about a dear friend's loss.  Technically, nothing has happened to make you sad, but you are sad for the other people you cross paths with in life because of whatever circumstances they are in.  Its like a weight bearing down on your shoulders because those who received the weight can't bear it alone.  It is sad, heavy, and gloomy, yet I look out the window and the sun is shining and life is moving on.

In the past, I have been told that I sense things sometimes.  It isn't frequent and I don't even come close to believing that I am clairvoyant or anything silly like that, but I definitely have felt when something was wrong with someone I am close to.  Honestly, I believe all people can do this.  Only some choose to ignore these energy connections we make with people or society as a whole.  The point is, when I feel something like this, something that isn't my normal depression, the sadness or alarm that comes from outside myself and not inside, I take notice.  Usually, I can tell if it is focused from one person (a close family member or friend), or if it is from a group of people/world event. This feels like something bigger than an individual person.  Like a dark cloud has descended on part of the world today.

The problem - I don't know what or where it is from.