Monday, January 31, 2011

Words can harm and words can save. What will your words do today?

The last 4 or 5 days have been a crazy roller coaster.  Many words were exchanged and now they are all circling through my head, cycling around and around.  My family calls it spinning.  See, we are good at getting something stuck in our head and then spinning it out of control.  We are the only ones I know that can make a stubbed toe turn into homelessness and death for ourselves and the ones we love.  I could explain the logic, but that is another post. 

The point is that it's this crazy snowball effect that we really have no control over.  So there have been words I have said that have caused hurt, pain, and confusion, but I have also said words that calm, heal, and bring happiness and laughter.  I have received the same in return.  Some words said to me (or around me) have caused hurt or confusion, and others have caused gratefulness and happiness. 

The problem is too often we all say words without completely thinking the thoughts through.  We don't think about what our words can do to a person.  And now I sit here, spinning in my head, asking myself questions that I don't have answers for.  Worrying, wondering, even if I did have the answers, what words would I choose to express them?