Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cherish every day

Some people come quietly into our lives and leave just as quietly, leaving little memory of them behind.  There are no strong emotions and no teary goodbyes.  Some people enter and change you more dramatically.  They leave or heal a scar, and you know you will remember their presence forever, but there is only a slight sadness or relief when they move on.  Then there are those who not only enter our lives, but they enter our hearts.  Attachments are formed, traditions, and love.  They become family.  Shit hits the fan in your life or theirs, and the other comes running to help clean up the mess. 

And then the day comes where the shit can't be cleaned off the walls anymore.  The broken pieces can no longer be put back together.  But you will try.  Your family will run to their family and you will scrub and scrape like mad because life stinks sometimes and you hate the smell, but it remains.

A brother to my father.  A second father to my brother.  Family to us all.  We may not be blood, but our two families are forever entwined.  How do you stop scraping long enough to enjoy the short time you have left with them?  How do you ignore the stink long enough to smile, laugh, and be thankful for the time you had with them?  Now, how do you do this from 1200 miles away?

Stage 4. 

6 months.

May the Lord bless us all and give our families comfort and joy.